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ralmathon's Journal

28 April 1978
I was born and raised to the age of 18, in the small town of Seward, Alaska. My parents were a teacher(mom), and an administrator(dad) in the local Jr/Sr High School. Every summer we traveled to a different climate. This in-tern gave me, what my family refers to as, the "Travel Bug" i.e. Wanderlust. I lived in Arizona for roughlly 7 years, then followed a certain someone to Chico California, where I now reside. I'm a Brown haired, Blue eyed, white guy of Medium build. I stand at 5'11", and have a frown on my face when I'm calm, and have a strait face when I'm in a good mood. Sorry folks it's genetics, there's nothing I can do about it. Because of my wanderlust I am Addicted to Traveling. I Graduated February 28 2003 from DeVry University. Senior Project drove me MAD!!! Not much more to say, except that I have a very Dry sense of humor, and am addicted to TV.